Exploring the Design Journey of Fern Flower Shop

Imagine being able to chat with the maker of a unique design and learn about their inspiration. Today is your lucky day, we sat down with our Senior Interior Designer, Fayez Fares. With 10 years’ experience under his belt, Fares has a knack for working with unconventional spaces and making them function for the brand. We sat down with him, and he gave us an insight of his design journey with Fern Flower Shop, a commercial space completed in 2023.

2024 Interior Design Trends

Curious about what’s in store for interior design in 2024? We’ve got the inside scoop straight from four of our seasoned interior designers, and trust me, they’ve got some exciting trends to share.

Elevating Your Business Identity through Commercial Interior Design

We believe that every brand has a unique narrative that should be conveyed through its physical spaces. This is where the art of commercial interior design comes into play, where strategy meets art to optimize spaces, invoke emotions, and reflect brand values. Let’s take a personal tour of how our creative team puts the pieces together to elevate your brand’s identity

Bringing Nature Indoors: Elevating Dubai’s Interior Design

In the heart of the bustling desert of Dubai, where modernity meets the arid sandscape, a design renaissance is taking place. It’s a quest for interior spaces that not only dazzle the eye but also nurture the soul. Say hello to a new wave of design, a movement that whispers tranquillity into the heart of this bustling city—biophilic design.

Residential Decorative Lighting

Lighting is a practical yet beautiful design tool that can be used to completely transform a space, while having a great impact on the way you feel and utilise a room. Typically, when we first enter a room our eyes are drawn to the furnishings and colours, while these are highly important, a well-lit room is a crucial design element that can elevate the overall style and mood. We will be discussing decorative lighting and as the name suggests, it is partly to add character to a room but with the added purpose to light a space.

Kitchen Design & Innovations

The kitchen has evolved over the years from being an enclosed area to a modern day entertaining space and becoming the heart of the home in many cases. Today’s luxury kitchens are often fitted with high end appliances so they can be as practical as they are beautiful. We will be covering what makes the […]

Colour Combinations for Interior Design

When it comes to choosing a colour combination for your living room it’s important to think about what type of space you want to create and its purpose. Do you want the space to appear larger or perhaps you want it to feel more welcoming and homely? By creating your own mood board or gathering […]

Up and Coming Trends for Neighborhood Cafes

There’s no better way to spend an afternoon than with a cup of artisan coffee in your favorite neighborhood café, or maybe you have flexible working locations so find yourself most productive nestled into the corner of a buzzy little joint near your office.  But not all neighborhood cafes are made equal, in a city […]

Tips & Guide to Open Shelving

Open shelves are a modern, elegant addition to any room. There are so many applications for open shelving other than just a bookcase, their versatility includes dividing spaces, to providing more storage and creating a unique display space it also can act as a tool to provide a light source and enhancing an otherwise featureless […]

How to elevate any room with design details from ELE Interior

There are many interior design elements that transform any room, from the simplest details to the most extravagant.  At ELE Interior, there are elements that are important to keep in mind when designing are space, lines, form or shape, pattern, light, colour, and texture. Starting with the lines around the house whether they’re horizontal, dynamic, […]