Exploring the Design Journey of Fern Flower Shop

Imagine being able to chat with the maker of a unique design and learn about their inspiration. Today is your lucky day, we sat down with our Senior Interior Designer, Fayez Fares. With 10 years’ experience under his belt, Fares has a knack for working with unconventional spaces and making them function for the brand. 

We sat down with him, and he gave us an insight of his design journey with Fern Flower Shop, a commercial space completed in 2023, that won the Best Retail Interior Abu Dhabi at the 2023-2024 Arabian Property Awards and nominated for the Regional Property Awards which will be celebrated in London later this year.

What was the project brief for Fern Flower Shop, and what was the concept behind it?

I was excited when we signed this project, I’m a huge coffee lover myself and enjoy working on commercial spaces, the variety of projects, innovations in design requires me to constantly be on my game with trends. The brief was to design a space that would express Fern’s identity and values, which was all about creativity, diversity, and fun. The concept was to combine the flower shop and “If You Know You Know” Lifestyle Café in one space, with different styles and elements that would create a unique and inspiring atmosphere. We also added a pop-up area and a photobooth that would make the space more interactive and engaging for the customers. We chose a minimalistic design, but with some pops of color and flair to make it stand out.

How do you approach the design of a commercial space that has multiple purposes and functions?

When I design a commercial space, I don’t just focus on how it looks, but also how it functions. I have to understand the expectations and desires of both the guests and the client. For instance, Fern Flower Shop is a unique project that blends a flower shop, a coffee shop, and a pop-up space. I was responsible for determining the target audience, the desired length of stay, and the revenue goals. I also had to find the right balance between the cosiness and versatility of the furniture, so that it can be easily rearranged for different occasions. One of the trickiest aspects was designing a custom table for the flowers, that doubles as both a display and a workstation. These are the kind of details that make a design stand out in both functionality and visual appeal.

What were some of the key design elements that you used to achieve the concept?

Diving into this project was like arranging a vibrant bouquet; you know that perfect blend of contrasts and harmonies. Picture a vase of flowers, each element standing out yet working together seamlessly. I used curves and lines to keep things lively but balanced, played with glass and metal for a cool mix of transparency and sturdiness. Injected some fun with colourful furniture that matched the brand, and, of course, let light and glass create subtle depth and reflections for that extra feel. It’s all about making the space feel as lively and inviting as the brand it represents.

Can you tell us about the execution process and timeline for this project?

Time and I were in a bit of a race, this is the way it always goes in the world of commercial spaces. But hey, I thrive on a challenge. We conceptualized this whole vibe in the design studio and then went on this whirlwind of execution. From sketches to reality, we wrapped it all up for Fern Artistry in just three months. It was like a design rollercoaster with the team working together to bring this creative vision to life on an ambitious schedule

What is the overall feel of the space when one enters Fern Flower Shop?

A cool mix of raw meets industrial, we’re talking micro-cement and concrete vibes on the walls and floors then we threw in a riot of colours with bespoke furniture with a mix of patterns textures as per the client’s vision. It’s basically an invitation to step in, chill out, and soak up all the good vibes!

Fares brought his signature style of blending contrasts and infusing personality into the design for Fern Flower Shop. The result is an engaging and welcoming space for customers just as vibrant and full of possibility as a fresh bouquet, ready to be enjoyed. The vision that fuses diverse elements into a cohesive whole is reflective of the creative ethos of the team. We pride ourselves on passionate design that pushes boundaries and brings energetic concepts to life for our clients.

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