2024 Interior Design Trends

Curious about what’s in store for interior design in 2024? We’ve got the inside scoop straight from four of our seasoned interior designers, and trust me, they’ve got some exciting trends to share.


Much like the quiet luxury we saw in the fashion world in 2023, quiet luxury is making its way into the interior design space in 2024. Rather than focusing on brands, look into how a space is designed. One of our Interior Designers, Bethany believes that creating an environment where luxury is felt rather than loudly displayed is what will take off in 2024. She carries on explaining that the design aesthetic is very minimalistic with simple detailing, with clever use of luxurious and high-quality materials such as exotic marbles, fine fabrics on furniture and natural stone to create a sense of richness and durability. The same way the fashion world incorporates those classic and timeless pieces into their wardrobe, interior design does just that with the design elements, ensuring that the interior remain stylish and elegant over the years.


With the general movement toward individuality and self-expression, we are seeing a noticeable surge in interest in unique and bold tile designs, patterns, and materials. The last time we saw such a switch was in the 50’s when our grandparents had bold colors, geometric patterns, and playful designs, before it moved toward earth tones in the 70s, pastels in the 80s and the minimalist large format tiles of the 2000’s. Annalisa, a design professional on our team, share that statement tiles are not just there to cover the floors, they are there to create that visual interest and bold statement, allowing for personal expression. Just like how wallpaper instantly makes a statement and unfolds a narrative about the space or the individual inhabiting it, statement tiles work their magic in a similar fashion.


How do you feel about spaces that mimic the fluidity and harmony found in the natural world? According to Waseem, a member of our design team, believes, drawing inspiration from natural forms, textures, and patterns, will continue to trend in 2024. The use of natural materials, like wood, stone, and bamboo to create warmth is not a new phenomenon in the design space, however using a combination of curved lines and fluid shapes, a variety of textures, sustainable materials and an earthy colour palette creates that organic design. As shown below in one of Waseem’s projects he created a tactile wall surface to incorporate the fluidity on the walls. Playing off the organic shapes of the windows he designed bespoke curved furniture for the space with natural fabrics and kept within the earthy colour pallet. The ultimate goal is to fashion a space that is not only visually appealing but also contributes to the client’s well-being and comfort by establishing a connection to the natural world.


The world is evolving, and it’s interesting how folk are paying attention to the impact of their diet, physical activity, and job on their overall health, highlights how people are now seeking that meaningful connection with nature through something called “Biophilic Design.” Fares explains that biophilic design is quite easily achieved by brining natural elements inside such as plants, water features and natural light. Imagine returning home to a burst of greenery and natural elements. Studies suggest that it can instantly lower stress, boost cognitive function, and enhance overall happiness. It’s fascinating how this design approach is expected to be a major trend in 2024, as more and more individuals realize the significance of creating spaces that positively impact both mental and physical well-being.

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