Elevating Your Business Identity through Commercial Interior Design

We believe that every brand has a unique narrative that should be conveyed through its physical spaces. This is where the art of commercial interior design comes into play, where strategy meets art to optimize spaces, invoke emotions, and reflect brand values. Let’s take a personal tour of how our creative team puts the pieces together to elevate your brand’s identity.

Where Luxury Meets Functionality

When we designed our studio, we wanted to create a space where you would instantly appreciate the service you are about to receive. Similar to when you walk into an Apple store, with their minimalist design, glass facades and knowledgeable staff around to help you with any questions, you know what to expect from the product you are about to buy. We wanted to create a luxury space that is both functional and beautiful, and that speaks volumes about what we do. It’s almost like creating a story about the business, the values, and the overall culture with the design of the space. That’s where our team thrives: creating custom designs to match the uniqueness of any brand.

Shaping Ambiance & Aesthetic

If you have not thought about lighting, now is the time. Remember, it’s not just about the light, it’s about how that light makes you feel and how it enhances the beauty of your space. Take Nobu restaurant chain’s lighting choices as an example which play a significant role in shaping the ambiance and overall aesthetic with its warm colour temperature to create that cozy and sophisticated feel, contributing the sense of intimacy. With Plain Dessert, a restaurant project we completed in 2023, features a combination of natural and artificial lighting, playing with linear lights which adds to that contemporary style and brand image for the café. On the other hand, with our project on Circle Care pediatric clinic, we used warm bright light and curves in common areas to reduce visual tension and evoke feelings of comfort and ease for waiting patients, however met healthcare standards for procedural rooms with white bright lights.

The Power of Signature Scents

There’s nothing like walking into a store and smelling their signature scent, and it’s a great way to create brand identity using the sense of smell. At our studio, we have scents we use to create an ambiance of sophistication and beauty. Having a signature scent that clients can recognize like Abercrombie & Fitch, well-known for using a distinct scent in its stores, creating a sensory experience that contributes to the overall customer experience, perhaps it is not a signature but part of what you sell. Take Fern, a 2023 completed Flower Shop we designed in Abu Dhabi, that relies on the scents of the flowers being sold to create that brand identity. Consider the unique scent to your brand.

Nature’s Touch

We love to incorporate greenery in almost every space we design. Whether or not you consider yourself to have a green thumb, there are so many ways to incorporate greenery and make it work for your space. We believe that plants not only add a touch of nature to the environment but also help to purify the air if real or create a calming atmosphere if artificial. The Olive tree in the center of Hairklinikken entrance, a Hair clinic we completed in 2023. The tree creates a natural focal point, drawing the client’s attention to something aesthetically pleasing and calming during their visit. Perhaps your space needs a green thumb. Our team can help you choose the right plants that suit your space and your brand’s identity.

The importance of Sound Absorption & the Mundane

So much of creating that perfect workspace is about considering what is missing from those high traffic areas. Like sound absorption, creating acoustically comfortable environments in multipurpose spaces to reduce noise levels, enhance speech intelligibility, and increased concentration, productivity, and privacy. Even think about something as mundane as power sockets. Specially where they are located. Making them functional for the user but also visually appealing, do they get hidden, placed below eyelevel, how many are required? As Interior Designers we don’t just focus on what visually looks good but also what will practically work well for the space and its uses.

In essence, crafting a compelling brand narrative through commercial interior design requires an artful blend of strategy and creativity. Our studio’s commitment to this philosophy is evident in the careful curation of spaces that not only optimize functionality but also evoke emotions and mirror brand values.
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