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The kitchen has evolved over the years from being an enclosed area to a modern day entertaining space and becoming the heart of the home in many cases. Today’s luxury kitchens are often fitted with high end appliances so they can be as practical as they are beautiful. We will be covering what makes the best countertop materials, whether to choose custom built cabinetry or branded kitchens and the latest in innovative appliances. Keep reading to see how you can elevate your current kitchen or gather some ideas to build your dream one.

There are many things to consider when choosing a countertop material for your kitchen, a few of those may be cost, durability and aesthetics. The most common materials to choose from are granite, marble and quartz.

Firstly, with granite being a very popular choice when it comes to kitchen work top materials due to its high resistance to heat and scratches. It is also a very elegant stone that can be selected in many different colours and variations. Its main drawback is its price, which is quite high compared with alternatives but if cared for will prove very long lasting. Marble, being another favoured countertop material known for its elegant appearance does also come with a hefty price tag. However, kitchens fitted with this luxurious material will add value to the property as no two sheets of marble are the same and each countertop will be unique. Although a desirable material for kitchen countertops, it may not always be the most durable due to its ability to scratch and stain easily. Combating this, Antolini’s Azerocare treatment is the first of its kind offering a water and oil repellent polish that presents as a suitable solution when using marble in your home.

Villa in Al Barari – Countertop material in Carara Silver Quartz

A more recent countertop material favoured by kitchen designers is engineered stone, which can be also be known as quartz. As pictured above, for an upcoming design project in Al Barari, this kitchen design features a marble like Carara silver quartz as the countertop material, kitchen island and backsplash for a flush appearance. With its non pourus quality it will be less susceptible to staining and unlike marble and granite, it does not have any hidden flaws or cracks that may exist in natural materials.

The Kitchen Triangle Concept – sink, integrated fridge and hob

The kitchen work triangle is a concept based on the most utilised items in the kitchen – the hob, sink and fridge, being in a triangular layout. This is to maximise ease going from one appliance to the next, ensuring that moving to each working zone is seamless and practical. The kitchen triangle concept is not a new one and is based around more traditional kitchen ideals. With the modern household being run very differently, the same principles can be applied when designing your kitchen in terms of cooking, preparation zones and appliance placement. In this villa kitchen design in MBR city, you can see a modern take on the kitchen triangle concept where an island has been added within the triangle workspace to be utilised to fit the individual needs of the home owner.

Built-in high level oven for ease of use

When looking at appliances for your kitchen it’s important to choose quality products but sometimes it can be challenging to find ones that are aesthetically pleasing too. Miele is a great brand to look into for your built-in appliances as their diverse design lines and timeless colour options are perfect for complimenting your kitchen design. Increasing in popularity in modern kitchen designs are built-in high level ovens which are placed at eye level for ease when removing food and add to the contemporary kitchen aesthetic.

TPB Tech invisibile hob

The latest in innovative appliances and one of the best products on the market is TPB Tech’s invisible induction hob. With modern kitchen designs being a reflection of individual style and function, the invisible induction hob comes in 18 different colours and finishes to effortlessly blend in with your counter tops and kitchen aesthetic. One of the most impressive features of the invisible hob is that it can be used as a work surface for all stages of the meal from preparation to cooking and serving all in one space.

An important factor to consider when designing your kitchen will be choosing between a branded kitchen or having it made bespoke. When choosing branded cabinetry, Boffi has a wide selection of high quality Italian made kitchens to choose from, including modular designs with clever storage solutions. An alternative to a branded kitchen is having a bespoke design custom built for the exact measurements of your kitchen. Cherwell provide bespoke kitchen joinery based on the clients exact needs, whether that be aesthetically, functionally and financially. A benefit of choosing a bespoke kitchen is being able to tailor each design to suit your unique needs as opposed to a branded kitchen which can be somewhat altered to suit your requirements but not to the same extent.

If you would like to transform your kitchen and need an expert interior designer to help you achieve this, our team of professionals would be happy to create a bespoke design for you.

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