Up and Coming Trends for Neighborhood Cafes

There’s no better way to spend an afternoon than with a cup of artisan coffee in your favorite neighborhood café, or maybe you have flexible working locations so find yourself most productive nestled into the corner of a buzzy little joint near your office.  But not all neighborhood cafes are made equal, in a city like Dubai they vary in style and design; some follow the latest design trend, some go for a more timeless atmosphere.

Some of the latest themes we’re seeing pop up at the moment include minimalist, boho, and feminine.

It seems every area in the city has its’s own selection of new minimalist cafes; we’ve picked out a couple of standout examples. One in particular that we are loving The Grey Cafe on Al Wasl Road with its minimalist yet eye-catching design is sleek not only in its layered grey tonal color palette but combining different materials and textures.  Even though it is a daytime café, the unique lighting design really elevates the whole space. The thoughtful and intentional spatial layout ensures a natural flow from the entrance through the main area of flexible sitting options which include a mix of artistic furniture.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more laid back vibe, then you’ll find yourself drawn to a boho café. The boho (short for bohemian, but these days often means beachy, natural and calming.) style focus intensely on mixing natural textures, like the example Comptoir 102. The menu offers healthy options, and this reflects in the interior style; mixing natural colors and textures. It combines greenery and rattan details with soft wooden finishes and patterned rugs.  Added touches of eclectic design elements complete the bohemian look and feel. A great twist to this café is that it is also a concept store that introduces fashion, interior design, and décor into the mix. The café is a creative space where customers can have a unique restaurant experience.

The feminine aesthetic has also been popular with the use of cute decors like the café Bounty Beets (which now has two locations in Dubai; Le Meridien Mina Seyahi and Le Meridien Dubai near Dubai Airport). Bounty Beets café is pretty with its pink colors and pretty elements like cherry blossom tree. The fun atmosphere is achieved with its Instagram ‘selfie’ walls and super cutesy decoration and accessories. Customers love all the little details. The modernize feminine touches, the vibrant painted wall murals add zing whereas the neutral furniture in grey and soft wooden colors balance the subtle, yet colorful and fun design.

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