Residential Decorative Lighting

Lighting is a practical yet beautiful design tool that can be used to completely transform a space, while having a great impact on the way you feel and utilise a room. Typically, when we first enter a room our eyes are drawn to the furnishings and colours, while these are highly important, a well-lit room is a crucial design element that can elevate the overall style and mood. We will be discussing decorative lighting and as the name suggests, it is partly to add character to a room but with the added purpose to light a space.

Before implementing decorative lighting in a space, daylight needs to be monitored throughout the day. It’s important to see how natural light impacts the room and where additional light is needed. Then clever planning of light fixtures can begin, preset modes can also be made for automatic control systems for certain times of the day.

Residential Decorative Lighting

In particular, decorative lighting is a way to inject personality into your home while helping you achieve the perfect balance of style, comfort and practicality. For example, in the image above featuring a villa in West Yas, Abu Dhabi, you can see the effect of using a statement chandelier. This dramatic lighting piece really accentuates the high ceilings and creates an elegant focal point in the centre of the room. Chandeliers are a timeless addition to your home, by choosing Italian handmade Murano glass chandeliers it will also add extreme value to your property.

Interior Lighting

An unconventional alternative to a chandelier but in no way less eye- catching is LED rope lighting. Shown in the above image in a villa in Dubai, LED rope lighting is a contemporary decorative lighting option that can be custom made to suit your interior design. Dramatically suspended from the ceiling, rope lighting makes for a unique centre point and adds to the minimalistic setting.

Ambient Lighting

Wall lights are another type of decorative lighting that can be used to enhance each corner of your home. In this particular image, at a villa in Dubai, the placement of gold wall sconces elegantly creates a soft glow to the room, highlighting the marble wall effect. Adding a modern wall fixture enables you to add a decorative lighting feature without using floor space, by choosing a contemporary wall sconce it can compliment and add style to your interior. Bulb temperature (colour) is a significant element to consider when planning light fixtures, a ‘warm white’ LED bulb temperature is featured in this villa project to give a relaxing and neutral glow. This is consistent with most of our residential projects, however, this may differ according to the purpose of the room.

Domestic Lighting

Often used as a precise light source, pendant lighting is a functional yet aesthetic statement. In the image below you can see the use of single bulb flamingo pendants featured in one of the meeting rooms at the Ele Interior Design Studio. Sourced from Huda Lighting, they bring in a key design element whilst still being practical. Pendant lights are highly versatile and are generally used over tables or kitchen countertops due to their low level height.

House Lighting

Table lamps are often used for task lighting whether it be at a desk for working or in this case as a bedside lamp perhaps used for reading or as mood lighting. For this private villa in Dubai the bedside lamps are big, bold and impactful. Beautifully paired with a dramatic chandelier to create extensive light and a statement design. For mood lighting used in a bedroom, the bulb strength or having dimmable options is the key to creating a relaxing environment and encourages a good nights sleep.

Floor lamps are an ideal solution when filling an empty space and creating a focal point to an otherwise vacant one by adding an extra design element. In the pictured villa project in Al Barsha, to create symmetry in this entryway, a contemporary floor lamp is used to balance the decor by bringing height and elegance.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects in interior design and is an area that needs a lot of care and planning. By placing light fixtures at different heights and angles along with contrasting bulb strengths and temperatures it can have a transformative impact on your home. Do keep in mind the functionality of your space and the ambience you want to create. Layering a blend of decorative and architectural lighting is what creates the best lit interior designs and in next months blog we will be discussing architectural lighting and how best to implement it.

If you would like to transform the lighting in your home and need an expert interior designer to help you achieve this, our team of professionals would be happy to create a bespoke design for you.

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