How to elevate any room with design details from ELE Interior

There are many interior design elements that transform any room, from the simplest details to the most extravagant. 

At ELE Interior, there are elements that are important to keep in mind when designing are space, lines, form or shape, pattern, light, colour, and texture.

Starting with the lines around the house whether they’re horizontal, dynamic, or vertical lines can change your perspective and give somewhat of an illusion to the eye as it shifts your view to a certain direction. 

Next comes the form or shape and that’s how everything is put to look unified and neat with respect to shapes which can be geometric or curved.

 For patterns, we make sure to choose what is appealing to the eye and attention grabbing, we don’t go over the two extremes, too plain or too much; it is a tricky situation. For example, patterns fit in children’s’ rooms by which it appears to be lively and fun. A pattern can transform a whole area by giving it a fuller look and satisfying feel to it.

When it comes to light we understand where the source of natural light comes from and plan the layout of windows and their sizes. We never forget the other side of the window which is the landscaping, to make sure the focal point is appealing to the eye. Colours appear to be washed out when too much natural light is hitting, so a clever designer would work on enhancing the layout to adapt, perhaps adding sheers to diffuse the light.

Artificial lighting can be more important than natural lighting since it is used to accentuate dark areas and highlight others. It also sets the mood and creates a dramatic effect for events and parties. 

Lastly, texture is very important because it is not only how it feels, it is also how it looks; thus there are two types of textures, visual and actual texture. ELE likes to mix textures, having a smooth marble against a textured wallpaper, this often fades the harshness of marble or stone. Adding different textures of cushions on sofas or armed chairs, throws, and mixing fabric shades on light fittings to get the perfect balance of textures.  For example, a smooth marble with linen textured wallpaper matched together gives an elegant, polished look. 

ELE interior incorporates all the elements working together to have the best result.


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