Size: 300m2

Location: Umm Al Sheif, Dubai

Year: 2023

Mirador Villa, a testament to bespoke elegance by ELE Interior, seamlessly integrates luxury with breathtaking views of Burj Al Arab. Designed with a clean aesthetic and a focus on demarked spaces, it’s a timeless masterpiece that mirrors the client’s lifestyle.

Mirador Villa cleverly enhances panoramic views without compromising space integrity. Each room is a canvas of timeless elegance, striking the delicate balance between openness and intimacy. It stands as a stage for luxury living, a symphony where every element contributes to its design.

Material Selection: Mirador Villa’s material palette is opulent, featuring travertine floors, a grand marble staircase, and practical wood porcelain in bedrooms. Neutral tones create a canvas for vibrant pops of color through carefully chosen fabrics, fostering a cohesive and inviting ambiance.

Design Elements:
Discover the show-stopping marble staircase, enhanced by LED lights, and bespoke furniture seamlessly integrated into villa finishes. The ground floor achieves full connectivity while preserving privacy through patrician shelvings and tinted glass partitions.

Mirador Villa by ELE Interior – where bespoke elegance meets the marvels of Dubai’s skyline.

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